Drum and Bass Dublin DJ's and promoters in Ireland

Springfield crew massive's history is dating back to early 2006 when Erik DJ CHMOND bought his first 1210s decks and started to play Drum and bass in Dublin for himself and his house mates in his living room. Drum&bass music was also a big passion of his housemate Jiri ( DJ CHEM ), who immediately started buying records and guys started to play together. Not long after constant sound of Drum and bass was coming out of this house in Dublin’s dead end street called Springfield, another future member of the crew has arrived to Dublin named Luke Psy.Co. He spent his whole childhood hanging around the club that he helped to build in his hometown in Slovakia, which was mecca of drum and bass in this country, so Dublin drum and bass scene has already 3 hard core dnb soldiers ready to rock the place.

They started to organize parties in small pub called Blue Goose on the river side of Liffey river in Dublin city center, starting with only few friends and slowly but surely began to grow their Dublin Drum and bass base. Because the scene of Drum and bass in Dublin is not at all big, it was very hard to get more people attending the gigs, but with hard work and fresh new enthusiastic members they got involved in the crew, they slowly grew up. With another members like Mistaflip, Joker 666 and Jula SCM, & MC Kenna they stared to grow up, changing venues to bigger ones and inviting bigger international acts.

Changing venues to bigger ones like Turk’s Head, Twisted Pepper or Grand Social, and inviting bigger international acts like Audio, Black Sun Empire, Ed Rush or Aphrodite.

Party in a happy and safe environment, because it's more like a party at with your friends than some 'nightclub' vibe. When we see you enjoying yourself, we know we've done a good job.

WE <3 DnB