3Bit Valentines Day

3Bit Valentines Day

Because of the multiple holiday event collaborations that were massively successful, like the 2015’s Halloween Party, which was one of the biggest nights for the year, Springfield Crew Massive, has decided to come together officially with The Energy Collective, and S.P.U.D. to join resources and man power, to give you the a unified Rave Event collaboration that promises Massive 3 Stage Themed Events for 2016 and future holidays. What better day to kick off first official event to kick off this marriage of music minds, then Valentines Day!

3-Bit Valentines Day 3-way is going to be a mash up of Drum and Bass hosted by Dublin Drum and Bass Community – Springfield Crew Massive in upstairs Bistro Stage at Turks Head with the usual massive sound themed decoration’s and lights. Psy-trance from S.P.U.D. in the Nightclub Down the big staircase in the middle of the bistro area, with there usual amazing decorations, lights and projections. The Energy Collective will be holding down the underground in The Dive Bar with some House/Techno with some rave UV theme’s and positive vibes!

The line up consists of local legends from each genre, boasting Heavy Mixes on every stage. Stage times may change slightly. The line up is as follows:

As always, there will be plenty of room for dancing, quality sound, tables and seating to chill out, and plenty of positive open minded people to party with. Springfield Crew Massive in association with 3-Bit Promotions looks forward to seeing everyone there!

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