Charity Fundraiser for Homeless

Charity Fundraiser for Homeless

Springfield Crew Massive like every year around Christmas time, organizes one free charity party to support people in need of our aid, who are privileged enough to live their lives with bless.

We understand that Christmas time is not only about happy time spent with the families, feasting and spending money we don’t have for stuff we don’t really need, but mainly to keep the spirit of Christmas alive.. For many it’s a long forgotten story of a birthday of one little boy name Jesus Christ, born in the poorest conditions, only surrounded by sheep and cows, who survived only because of the help of the others – not only good poor people who gave him what they had, but also three kings. Without them, we would never be celebrating this wonderful time with our families and friends, so now it is our turn to be one of them kings or good poor ones, and support those who really needs it.

Focus Ireland is one of those few companies who really do care about people in need, building society of people who gives everything to help those who has lost their homes in this age of Bank slavery and corruption. There is around 6000 homeless people around Ireland at the moment , from which every !!! is a child !. Most of them lives in provisional homes around dublin area in very hard conditions where a familly of 5,6 sometimes even more, has to celebrate their christmass in a single room apartment or a hotel room. So we would like to ask you for a little donation for these unfortunate ones, to make their christmass little bit better, allowing them to give their children at least a small present or enrich their christmass dinner by something what we might call ,,usual,, but they can’t. We know you are wondering how Focus Ireland distributes the donations that we collect. It is very simple. Money raised are transfered to a vouchers which can be used for shopping in various places likes of a SMYTHS toys stores, Cinemas or Dunnes Stores for example. The main thing here is, that 89 cents! out of each Euro goes diretly to Homeless people, wchich is one of the greatest rates that charity organization can provide. We can assure you that this money DO fulfil their purpose this christmass. So be a human and do your little piece of goodness this christmass and get whatever you can to these unfortunate people, because remember – each of us can one day end up the same way, either you like it or not. Have a wonderful and merry Christmas everyone!


This event is of course absolutely free, so please spread the word, bring your friends and help us to fulfil the cause of Christmas time and create an unforgettable atmosphere at this party 🙂

We are going to have special guests which we will introduce to you soon, so keep an eye on this event or our facebook fan page:

You can donate during the gig or online:

With big love, Springfield Crew Massive

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