The Death Of A Venue, The Life Of A New One

The Death Of A Venue, The Life Of A New One

Drum And Bass Nights In Dublin

The Death Of An Old Venue-The Life Of A New Venue

Drum And Bass Nights in Dublin

After years of hard work putting together some of the busiest Drum and Bass Nights In Dublin, SCM is relocating. We will be disassociating from the Turks Head in Temple Bar. The Turks Head has always had a distinct way of dealing with things, and unfortunately, that way of dealing with things moving into the new year was not something we had in our plans. We Love the people who support our nights. That’s why will always fight to bring you the best night possible. That didn’t seem viable if we continued hosting events in the Turks Head. Moving into 2018 We will be Rinsing in On The Rox, on their Freshly installed Funktion one Sound System with Local & International Artists Every MONTH!

Let’s Celebrate!

This is reason to celebrate! We invite you to come down to the first Drum and Bass Night in Dublin From SCM of the new year which has come together as a story of unity in the scene. SCM & Boey Audio mistakenly planned a drum and bass night on the same night in Dublin City. The Patience, Passion & Professionalism that SCM & Boey Audio showed allowed our two crews to come together to make honestly one of the heaviest D&B local line ups seen in a long time. The line up for the night Boasts DJs’, Lyricists & vocalists from various crews and Labels. On the top of the line up you Have Ricky Force. Ricky is just coming back from his U.S. Tour. He’s one of the heaviest Jungle/DnB Producers to be a resident on the island. The Line Up also includes the following:

Homegrown #1
Ricky Force

         Ricky Force (Pressin’ Hard Records)

        Spectrum Residents Nick Fury and Steo Representing Metalheadz

        Nippoman (Gun For Hire),

         I.N.C. (SCM & Boey Audio)

        JMC (Boey/Initial)

        Nicky Halliday

        Lyrical & Vocal Host On The Night Kenna & Enka (SCM & Boey)


Event Page: Here

Check out some of Ricky’s Music Here:




We would also like to take this opportunity to welcome a new addition to both the SCM and Boey rosters Daniel InC-dnb AKA InC. This guy is an extremely talented addition the SCM Crew and Boey Audio Label, he has been producing some amazing music & smashing some incredible Mixes as of late. Make sure to look out for InC. on SCM’s future line-ups and featuring on the Boey Imprint in 2018!

Expect This Guy to Be on Regular Line ups at Drum And Bass Nights In Dublin!







Check out some of INC’s Music Here:

We Look Forward to Kicking the New Year off right at this event with you, and will have competitions and merch available on the event page so please RSVP in the links above and let us know if your coming!

Expect A stacked line up of local talent topped off with Dublin Junglist Ricky Force, Spectrum’s own, Mark Purcell Aka Nick Fury, & Stephen Gunn Aka MC Steo.

Event Page: Here


Dephzac in Dublin

Friday the 16th of Febuary

Next on the calendar will be Celebrating One of our Residents Birthdays. Lukas Hornak AKA Lukas Psyco will be 43 years old. He tells everyone he is much younger but he is actually lying. Pretty Sad….

In Celebration of Lukas’s birthday we’re going to be flying in a Big Name from Slovakia.

Producer and Label CEO Dephzac from Dephrecords & DPH:LTD. Currently our Resident MC Kenna is collaborating on a forthcoming track with Dephzac & Entita to be release on Dephrecords so expect to hear that track live at this event.

Check out a short sample of the forthcoming release by Dephzac & Entita Featuring MC Kenna

Check Out Some Of Dephzac’s Releases Here:


Kenna’s Newest Music Here:

MC Kenna Has Been MC’ing and Hosting Drum And Bass Nights in Dublin for Almost Ten Years.

Listen to Kenna Now On BandCamp

Drum And Bass Nights In Dublin /Hip Hop MC From Dublin
MC Kenna



St Patricks Day Dublin Ireland Drum & Bass is NOT in Temple Bar This Year.

Friday 16th Of March

This Year The Drum & Bass St Patricks Day Celebration Line Up Boasts some Amazing International Talent. DJ Prophecy From Slovakia is coming to Dublin to destroy Dublin! As always, Our St Patricks Day event will boast various performers, Merch stands, and a fully themed night for everyone to enjoy. More on this event will be announced soon!


Check Out Ero Drummer Aka The Prophecy- About You

Out Now on Let It Roll Recordings

SCM Will be starting their travels this year By Flying over to the legendary Cross Club In Prague.

As Much As We Love Performing and hosting Drum And Bass Nights In Dublin, We Are Blessed to be heading over to Prague again! As a result of the Cross Clubs Legendary history, it is globally respected as one of the top Drum & Bass Venues ever. This isn’t the first time the SCM Residents have had a chance to play in Cross Club Prague, but as always, its a huge pleasure to kick of the year in such a legendary club. This is almost a ceremonial way to start our travels off, and a club that has hosted the best names in the industry. On March 26th, SCM will be rinsing out in the Cross Club Prague! Watch this space for more details and announcements!

Image Below: Cross Club Prague

Drum And Bass In The Cross Club
Cross Club Prague

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