Drum and bass in Ireland

Popularity of drum and bass, as well as its commercial success is also with a number of British dance music styles like hard house and big beat. Major impact on the drum and bass and jungle were the original sounds of Jamaican dub and reggae. One of the most influential songs in the history of drum and bass was “Amen Brother” by The Winstons. Another feature of drum and bass is a complex syncopation break beats.

Beginning of drum and bass in Ireland

Among the sub genres of drum and bass are drumstep, breakcore, ragga jungle, hardstep, darkstep, techstep, neurofunk, Ambient Drum ‘n’ bass, liquid funk, trancestep, deep, Drumfunk, funkstep, Sambass and drill ‘n’ bass. Despite having a drum and bass roots in the United Kingdom this style was able to assert worldwide. Drum and bass in Ireland is also growing. This was mainly result of migrating people from another countries and their contribution in musical styles in this country. Drum and bass in Ireland began blooming after 2002 with all the rave styles which started to come into Ireland. Drum and bass in Ireland affects the number of genres such as hip-hop, big beat, dubstep, house, trip-hop, ambient music, techno, rock and pop. Drum and bass in Ireland is mostly dominated by a small group of “hardcore” music publishers. Big world publishers have shown before little interest in drum and bass scene, which is changing. Now you can attend many drum and bass parties in Ireland. Drum and bass in Ireland is also getting into various indoor and outdoor festivals. People tend to listen more and more of this genre.

drum and bass in ireland


Beginning of drum and bass

In the early sixties Rastafarians in Jamaica created music with elements of soul and Caribbean music, which they called ska. Later, the tempo ska slowed down and thus originated a new style called reggae. Artists puts in their music their religion, global issues, love and much more. Later still, from reggae developed a new musical style called ragga, which was more electronic and contained more vocals. Ragga and reggae are the first and main styles that gave rise to drum’n’bass. Strongly embedded roots of black culture from Jamaica in drum and bass reflected throughout its existence. Five years later, in the early eighties, hip-hop was known primarily in large US cities. Dancing to rap music has become a culture in itself. This dance became known as break dancing. From this was created a new musical style called break beat, which became the third and most important element for the development of drum’n’bass. At this time there was a rise in development of Irish rave scene, alleging disco music, house music. House itself was also very important in the birth of drum’n’bass, but he incurred a style that certainly was – rave.

At the end of the eighties they dj’s around the world started experimenting with house music and put more bass synthesizer. House music which was later called as  “acid” sound, because everybody started to enjoy themselves with acid LSD or MDMA. Acid house party spread across the ocean to the good old England and Ireland to clubs like “Shoo”. In 1992 were producers like The Prodigy, Mickey Finn & Aphrodite (the founders of the record label Urban Shakedown) SL2 (Slipmatt & Lime) top the “Top of the Pops”. At this time, Prodigy became known and popular throughout the world. At the same time there was big rise of the free illegal rave partys also in Ireland. Shortly before this time the beginning of “Black” projects in London started with sample raga, mixing with rave, break beat and hip-hop. The basis was quickly broken to the beats, deep, slow bass and other elements. Then there was invented jungle, the last major step towards drum’n’bass.

drum and bass ireland

Drum and bass producers

Around 1995 they began producers like Roni Size, Adam F using a jazzy sound and wanted to teach people to recognize that the jungle – or drum’n’bass, as he was known – is a legitimate art form, and it is not easy to form, as opposed to a simple ragga jungle 1994-95. Cool, soothing style jungle (intelligent), whose main representative is LTJ Bukem, confirmed that the producers wanted to attract the interest of new crowd and change the mindset of people who thought that drum and bass scene acts like a gang. Rob Playford and Moving Shadow were the ones who raised drum’n’bass to a higher level. In fresh nineteen years there was also a guy named Danny Bukem (LTJ Bukem) with his label Good Looking Records, and guys like Dego and Marc Mac (4Hero) issuing on Reinforced Records. Guys like Hype Grooverider and Aphrodite moved drum and bass further. They got together with Rob Playford and released an album called Timeless. It was a huge hit – drum’n’bass has finally been heard around the world, thanks to the superb single Inner City Life. Timeless drum and bass was the first album, which was screened all over the world. Meaning labels like Reinforced, Moving Shadow, Good looking, Subrurban base and, of course, Goldie’s Metalheadz label began to grow rapidly. Previously, small underground labels have become a source of modern drum’n’bass.