dublin underground music

Types of Dublin underground music

Ragga Jungle

I could start Dublin Underground music with anything other than just this subgenre strongly associated with roots around the jungle and drum and bass music. Style drawing from reggae, dancehall and Oak was produced by the black artists from the UK. Everything started with the song of DJ Shy FX & UK apache Original Nuttah published in 1994. His production supported the early music scene and The Ragga Twins project, issuing on label Shut Up And Dance. Other pioneer DJ’s of this sound are DJs Zinc, Hype, Visionary, Benny Page and Publishing Congo Natty. With ragga jungle were closely connected rappers like Rebel MC and MC spyd.


Deal with jump-up is that it is dance music. Compared to a jungle beat its simple detaches from reggae samples. Its sound is compared to ragga jungle. A characteristic feature is its bass “wobble” Line 65, which adds to the dynamism. Jump-ups began to take shape in 1997 and are dreaming with a similar name as the ragga jungle. The creator of this offshoot consider DJs

Aphrodite with a track Bad ass! The popularity took care by DJ Hype66 together with Djema Zinc, Andy C, A and Side D’Cruze.

dublin underground music

Dark offshoots d’n’b

Dark or its dark offshoots penetrated in the late 90s. with specific lose frequencies dense bass, gloomy atmosphere of horror sounds, snippets ambient voices and noises. Among GIFT family includes several subgenres. Darkcore is sinister answer to happy hardcore. In 1993 came the same name Darkcore song from Two Dark Troopers. Next was Darkstep. The best producers of Darkstep in these days are Noisia, The Panacea, Current Value, Blac Sun Empire, Bad Compeny and Zardonic.

People were not afraid to group the neurofunk following up the Darkstep. In a raw, dark, anxious sound with added elements of funk, jazz and house music. For breakthrough song we consider Shadow Boxing by Nasty Habits 1996. Another example may be a composite Cause 4 Concern or Teebee. We are proud to welcome Dublin Underground Music.

Liquid funk

Establishing a gloomy atmosphere could not last forever, nobody does like long toiling in the drab depressing music. Listeners were overcrowded and had to come a change that would have balanced the scene. Producers at the turn of the century resorted to continuing the tradition of soul. Dark sounds replaced the string, keyboard and many other instrumental samples. Suddenly we have a brand new atmospheric drum and bass with preserved dominant bass line and breakbeat rhythm, in connection with the vocals, the Dublin underground music got under the skin of not only the followers of drum and bass music, but also the wide public hand in hand with radio hits like Gold Dust from DJ Fresh. Popular label umbrella liquid funk became the Hospital Records boasting DJ Camo & KrookedHigh Contrast, London Elektricity or Netsky.

Fluctuating bass

Many speculate that the producing of Drum and Bass music associated with the use of drugs. As it is known, they affect the human mind, and it may even seriously damage your brain, either by calling schizophrenia. Although Dublin underground music can evoke a feeling so called “Psycho states,” which doesn’t have to do something with drug use. J so it means by listening our drum and bass music you can get crazy without any drugs.