Interview with Marcus Visionary

Interview with Marcus Visionary

DJ/Producer originally from Toronto, Canada, Marcus Visionary has been pioneering and developing Jungle for more than 2 decades now and producing on the most famous labels: Revolver, 31 Records, T.O.V, Flex, Play Muzik, Shout, Co-Lab, Dance Rock, Rocksteady and many more. In his hometown Toronto, Marcus has been running the Prophecy on 89.5 FM for 20 Years. This is simply the  longest running Jungle DnB radio show in Northern America ! At the end of 2015 Marcus was asked to start a radio show on Kool London based in London U.K.  Tune into the Visionary Mix Show the second and last Tuesday of every month from 7-9 GMT 2-4 EST. Between 2 dates in Northern America and the start of his European tour, Marcus took a bit of time to answer few questions…

Marcus Visionary – The Visionary Mix Show 021 – Kool London – Tues. Nov 10th 2015 by Marcus Visionary on Mixcloud Hi Markus. Thanks for accepting our quick interview. So you are from Toronto, Canada ? How is the Ragga/Jungle scene over there?

Marcus Visionary (M.V) The Ragga Jungle scene in Toronto was one of the largest in North America in the 90’s.  We had a great run from 2005-2010. The scene got much smaller once the Dubstep and EDM scene blew up around 2010.  Now we have a very small niche following but we still have small dances to promote and enjoy the music. What do you expect from Dublin? What the country Ireland inspires you?

M.V: The first time I came to Ireland I played for Barry from the Dirty Dubsters in 2008. I loved the vibes and I felt like people were really responsive to the Jungle vibes!  I’m really looking forward to playing again! What kind of sound can we await to hear from you at our ”Roots Of Fire 4” event here in Dublin?

M.V: I’m looking to play a mix of Ragga Jungle, Dubwise, New school Jungle, Jungle classics remixed with a touch of DnB inspired Jungle!  Plenty of specials and dubs from artists in our Liondub, and my Inner City Dance camp. If you had to keep only one record from your collection, which would it be?

M.V: I love my Rock n’ Groove LP from Bunny Wailer.  It had a massive influence on me growing up. I also named my first label Dance Rock after one of the cuts.  Epic Rockers LP What DJs and Producers are impressing you at the moment and you suggest us to follow?

M.VHungry T from Toronto is my #1 to watch right now.  We’ve got an EP forthcoming from him in 2016 on Inner City Dance. I love what he’s doing with the Jungle sound.  After that my top producers are still; Benny Page, Potential Badboy, Aries and the Chopstick crew, Serial Killaz, Serum, Bladerunner, Truespirit a.k.a Margaman, Voltage, Liondub, Dub Phizics, Think Tonk, Hybrid, Digital, Firefox, Dirty Skank Beats, Critycal Dub and some of our local boys Dcision, RMS, Shotz & Gremlinz What about the future? What are your project/main goal for 2016?

M.V: I’m excited for 2016 as I’ve finally gotten my new studio running.  The next massive project will be the ‘Jungle to the World‘ Volume 2 LP forthcoming on Liondub International which is ready for release.  There will be more singles and EP’s forthcoming on Inner City Dance, Liondub International and Liondub-ODTmuzik. I’m hoping to tour Europe more throughout the year as well! Looking forward to working with some new artists in both the Jungle & Reggae scene.  I have some works coming from; Yush, Bandit Emcee, Keon Love, Gappy Ranks, Demolition Man and Tenor Fly.

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