NYE Mega Party with The Energy Collective and SCM

NYE Mega Party with The Energy Collective and SCM

NYE 2017 Mega Party

2016 has been a year fill of trial and tribulation for the world, and for Dublin city, and we feel highly blessed that we have had continued love and support for all of our shows and projects and trips. We are excited to see the drum and bass, and the rave scene in Dublin still getting bigger every year. With crews and music genres more unified than ever in the city, and more people involved than ever, we want to make sure that we thank all of you, by working together with The Energy Collective to throw a NYE Mega Party of epic proportions.

The Energy Collective & SCM

The party will include three stages of various styles and genres, and Ireland’s top performances as well as some from outside of Ireland, this night is bound to be a night to remember. We can’t wait to greet 2017 with good tunes and all of you amazing people who we have grown with, and who have supported us through everything.


We have so much planned for 2017 including trips to do shows overseas, which we want to bring as many of the Dublin scene who are interested in coming with us too, and so many big names coming to play right in the heart of our city so make sure to keep watching, and stay in touch! See you when the clock strikes 12!

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Turks Head – 27 Parliament Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 1, Ireland

Full Line Up

☆ .. 15 DJs, 3 stages, 1 Venue. 0 days of 2016 .. ☆
☆ .. Dedicated to curing boredom in the city! .. ☆

Techno Techno Techno Stage

• 2am – RichKraft (The Energy Collective)
• 1am – Pierce Rooney
• 12pm – Jane Casey
• 11pm – Altex (Adan Cullen, S.K.E. / B.O.E.Y.)
• 10pm – Sleep Walker

Psytrance Dimension Stage

Alien Bug (Scotland) [0200-0300]
Dexter Psychedelic (The Energy Collective) [0930-1100]
Julios Map (Psychedelic Gaff/Oggy Club) [1100-0000]
Phelixx (Galactic Groove Records / Psynonymous) [0100-0200]
Avigyavega (Shunyata Records) [0000-0100]

Drum & Bass Area

Jula (Springfieldcrewmassive / Tekno Republic)
Double Screen (The Energy Collective)
Quality Mark
Madkilla B2B Dj GAZz
Steppa / Aux Two

• featuring lyrics & vocals by M.C. Kenna & Enka