JulaSCM began on the DJ scene when he founded V3Sound system in 2005. Mainly dealing with the genres: Tekno, Hardtekk and Hardcore. Their first event sported the Dobytek sound system. He decides to travel to Ireland in 2007, where after several months, he met the SpringfieldCrewMassive members. After hosting a couple of events, He became an official member of the crew. Thanks to these circumstances Jula became familiar with other styles, including Drum and Bass, which he began to devote his mixing too. Jula is currently working with SCM playing shows with international DJ’s like Audio UK, Aphrodite, BTK, Ed Rush, Black Sun Empire, DJ Katoalso performedat – Let it Roll, Trident Open Air and with DJ Beaty Polygamix, Dj Pixie, Suki, Bifidus Aktif, Jamie Bostron, Rockwell and many more.

JuLa SCM began to collaborate with Irish crews, like Raid Ireland and Renegade Noize. He had the opportunity to play on the Irish radio. Radio in Life. he hit the tekno scene with mix’s and participated in events where he played alongside DJs such as Guigoo Narkotek, Suburbass, Z-Aires-Mayapur, Dave LXR, Mejra NSK, Tirnagcasta .. Between playing with his favorite DNB artists Lables Jula and SCM have worked with include Aphrodite – Urban Takeover, Photek rec., Virus, Renegade Hardware. When he mix Drum & Bass, prefers energetic, harder, and darker elements, But still has love for Liquid drum and bass and Ragga Jungle.

E-mail - jula[at]scm[dot]ie
Mobile - + 353 87 104 05 83

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