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Luke Psy.co (own name Lukas Hornak) is a young DJ and promoter hailing from Slovakia, currently living in Dublin, Ireland, where he plays and organizes parties on regular basis, bringing some of the biggest names on the dnb scene to Dublin, as well as working with local and international Djs and producers for over 8 years. Growing up on metal and hardcore music, but gradually discovering electronic music in the age of 14, he quickly fell deeply in love with sounds of Drum & Bass music and up until now this would be his most favourite genre. Always excited about broken beats, attending all the dnb gigs possible, he got his first opportunity to put his hands on vinyl in 2006, when he first arrived to Dublin. He got his first couple of records as a Birthday present from his good friends and great DJs – Chem and Chmond – two founders of Springfield Crew Massive – crew that he represents until now, and who also taught him into the basics of DJ-ing. Since that time he got addicted to mixing, and not only Drum & Bass.

His biggest inspiration in dnb music would be certainly Ed Rush that he has seen playing for the first time about 15 years ago in his hometown Partizanske, which was the mecca of dnb in Slovakia. Another great DJ that inspires him is Andy C with his mad mixing skills, Calyx & Teebee with their incredibly amazing sound, mad man Audio or perhaps one of the best living producers – Noisia, just to name a few. Lukas is not limiting himself just to single music genre, he is very much open to other genres like Techno, Rock, Hip Hop, Jungle, Tech-House, 432 hz music, Experimental, Ambient, or Psy Trance. He is also collecting bits of all these genres on vinyl, and when there is a chance to play them, he is more than happy to do it.

Luke has played alongside the biggest names on the scene like Ed Rush, Audio, BTK, Aphrodite, Culture Shock, Rido, B-complex, Tantrum Desire or Black Sun Empire, just to name a few. He is also performing at international gigs and festivals like Let It Roll, local festivals in Ireland, Czech Republic, Slovakia or France for example. His style would be defined as a combination of energetic, dynamic, neurofunk style in combination with melodic and deeper elements, new upfront dnb combined with the great old school sound of legendary tunes and never refuse to play liquid, deep and experimental stuff.

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