Trident Festival 2017

SCM at Trident Open Air Festival 2017 (Slovakia)

Trident Festival 2017

Once again SCM is flying from their home in Dublin to mainland Europe for Trident Open Air Festival!

Trident open air festival is undisputed as Slovakia’s biggest drum and bass festival and has been running for 16 years. Let it Roll Slovakia crew lead by the CEO Kato host an array of the biggest drum and bass festivals in Europe including Let It Roll, Beats For Love, Let It Snow and many more. They also host Hospitality SK and Drum and Bass Arena SK.

Line Up

This year, the usual SCM suspects DJ Jula SCM, Lukas Psy.Co & Mc Kenna will be heading over to play on the main stage along with the newest member, vocalist ENKA and will be supporting huge drum and bass names like Delta Heavy, Grooverider, Hybrid Minds, Spectrasoul, Tentrum Desire and more.

Trident takes place in the forest of Duchonka, Slovakia and host multiple stages of Drum and Bass with lakeside views, the festival becomes a hub of people passionate about drum and bass. Many properties that surround the festival are rented by festival goers and performers, virtually transforming the area into a giant drum and bass mash up.

We invite everyone to come join us in Slovakia for this amazing experience

We look forward to seeing you there!

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