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Springfield Crew Massive 9th Anniversary with Mob Tactics

Springfield Crew Massive – 9th Anniversary

When Springfield Crew Massive started, we hoped that we would be able to spread our vibes to as many people as possible and in the past 9 years we have not only got to see the Dublin drum and bass scene grow, but we are proud to have been a huge part of it. From the shows we used to have in Murray’s Bar and King 7, to now having our shows in the Turks Head, the attendance, sounds systems, and headliners has definitely got bigger. Our vision however has stayed the same. To grow and serve Dublin’s  Irish Drum and Bass and jungle community to the best of our ability.

Look back

As we look back at all we have done and seen, we can’t help but get emotional about the past and excited about the future. We promise to continue to dedicate ourselves to making sure we have the worlds drum and bass and jungle headliners serving you up the best that they have to offer on massive sound systems in city center venues. would like to thank every single person who has come to even one of our shows as we are about to put together one of our biggest nights ever to celebrate our 9th anniversary here in Dublin.

Mob Tactics

To make sure the celebration is completely, ridiculously, massively epic we’re bringing over a name that everyone in the drum and bass scene all over the world seems to be singing praises about, Mob Tactics (Viper Recordings). Mob Tactic‘s huge, high energy tracks smash every venue that they play in, and we know how Dublin reacts to there style of drum & bass. These guys are going to blow the roof completely off the venue. To amplify the energy of Mob Tactics heavy bass-lines and teeth breaking build ups, We’re packing the Turks Head in he heart of Dublin with over 10KW of sounds equipment to make sure you feel every drop deep in your soul. We’re going to put in a lot of work getting the venue ready with amazing decor and lights, to create an unforgettable environment for everyone to get crazy in.

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We can’t wait to celebrate 9 years of Springfield Crew Massive with Mob Tactics, and of coarse the amazing people of Dublin City Irish Drum & Bass Arena.

See you there

Jula, Lukas, Madkilla, Bastos, Jahmonk, Sho, Patrick, Irene

Mob Tactics - Springfield Crew Massive